Saturday, November 12, 2005

Feel like writing somthing after a long time...did lot of gobe-trotting for work in last few things are settling down, though not quite the way I would have liked'em. Next few days gonna be quite busy again.

Well, caught up with some latest music in last couple of weeks - some of fav bands - U2, Coldplay and REM - esp liked "City of Blinding lights", and "White Shadows" so far. May be will like some others as I'll continue listening. Also got hooked to another Hindustani Classical piece by Pt. Jasraj - Nat Narayan. Also spent some time listening some old favourites from '90s - was listening to Susan Vega's "Tom's Diner". It always reminds of a show on BBC World Service where I listened to this song for the first time - it was called "Jolly Good Show".

Back then when the Net had not penentrated so much, this show offered a medium to reach out to people around the globe for pen-friends or just plain dedications. It used to be 8:45pm IST on Tuesdays, with hot dinner set in front of me, and my Philips Philetta 333 transistor bringing these waves coming from across the globe - loud and clear - it was such a cozy feeling! Man, do I miss those days.

Sometimes, I lament the loss of "offline" life we had back then - there was so much unknown, so much to be explored - like unseen/unheard places's pictures in National Geographic magazine. Now you just Google it and store it on your computer. It gives you feeling of world being at your "finger-tips". I wonder if this Virtual world makes us less apprciative of the Real one.

'Nuff said. Gotta try sleeping now.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Coming back after two weeks - those were full of excitement actually. Discoverd the joys of computing in my own language - Marathi.

Got hooked up to this site - and by following some posts therein, now I have my MS Office 2003 with Marathi menus.
हे एकदम झकास आहे !

Also published my first "attempted" gazal on manogat -

पहिली गज़ल

खुणावीत होते मज गहिरे मृगजळ कधी
आता रुक्ष पावसात कैकबार नाहतो

गुलाबास काटे इथे अन् गोडवा विषाला
असे नित्य तूझे अजब सरकार पाहतो

ज्ञानी म्हणे नव्हे खरा तो गाव आठवांचा
तरीही कधी या कधी त्या पार राहतो

कल्पिला न होता क्षण एकही तुझ्यावाचुनि
मात्र जिंदगीचे आता सात वार साहतो

उमजली न आम्हा रीत खरी या जगाची
फकीरही भणंग येथे गुलजार नार चाहतो

गमले न होतील स्वप्ने इतुकी खरी 'तृषार्त'
मिटलेल्या कळ्यांचाच केवळ भार वाहतो

By the way, 'तृषार्त' is my pen-name.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Here comes another one bitten by the Blogging Bee!

After spending nearly a decade in IT world - in and around the net, it dawned upon me recently [ while sitting on the Thinking Seat :) ] that I have not really used the Net after all ! It appeared to me as a bunch of computers connected by wires , and not a parallel world, a living, sociable thing.

And in the real world, it's been quite some time that I have made any new it's time to tell the other world that I am here and kicking, and hope to come across some nice people.

A quick intro - born in mid-seventies, a मराठी guy, now based in Pune. Been around the globe a bit. Though in IT, I feel language/art/humanities is my first love. Haven't been able to do much justice to these so far, and hence the title for my blog.

I guess that's it for now.